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Custom Paintings Specialists, Arts of Fairies, Inc. makes reality your dreams...

Arts of Fairies, Inc. not only represents the best painters, in exhibitions, but we are producers, specialized in author copies, works of great painters, and at the same time we are creative of our own work, dynamic landscapes, pictures, works on your wishes, customized by order on your way. We produce art for cinematographic productions, recreating exhibitions of museums, integral decoration of houses. We participated in projects of restorations of old houses, hermitages, providing works of elite art, as well as they are copies as if they are paintings Portraits

The client sees the painting he wants in a book, a film, visiting an exhibition. He thinks: " I Want a author's copy, identical to the original one ". See Example in How do we make our canvas?

The Galleries...

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The sizes listed are the canvas size. The total size with the frame is the width and height plus 20 cm. For example: for 55x46 the total size would be 75x66. Availables in any size.


Your Portrait in Mythical Scene

In this Painting the President & CEO of Arts of Fairies, in a Greek Battle. Son of Artemis

paintings still life


Lempicka Self
Irene Cahen d'Anvers

Three women

US Prices


The Ground Swell

The Lure of the North

US Prices
Working in Marbre Leon Gerome
Foot Steps
Paintings Modigliani Portraits

paintings leighton

The Sacred Wood
Rinaldo and Armida
Francesco Hayez
US Prices
Paintings Novedades 2004
Take the Fair Face Woman
Paintings Wassily Kandinsky
paintings leighton

Paintings Surrealist

Paintings Fairies

Paintings landscapes
paintings leighton

Paintings Cerfs

Paintings Marc Chagall

Paintings portraits old master

paintings still life
shop paintings cats
Paintings still life
Paintings Van Gogh
fairies paintings
Paintings Mythology

Paintings Monet

Antartic Summer by Night
paintings monet
The Kiss Klimt
Weston Benson Gallery

Paintings Renaissance portraits

Renaissance Caravaggio, Durer
Lippi, Mantegna

paintings leighton
Lady Godiva John Collier
Girl with Rabbit Stuart Church
Little Red Riding Hood
paintings portrait
A Siren Maurice Boutet
paintings portrait
Gallery Parsifal
Nils Blommer Fairies of the Meadow

Paintings Sailboats

paintings portrait
Cupid Visit Robert Anning Bell
Paintings Egypt Greece
painters copies shop

Surrealist Future Paintings

Paintings Sailboats

The white and gray horse Ascot
shop paintings landscapes
Mytical Cars Paintings
Mytical Cars Paintings
Mytical Cars Paintings

Paintings Steam Trains

Paintings A la Carta Ciudades Aviación y Hobbies

Paintings Sailboats

paintings el greco
shop paintings fairies
shop paintings landscapes

Paintings Lighthouses


Paintings Sailboats

cats paintings
shop artwork original
fairies paintings

Chapelle Ermitage

Paintings Servello


paintings el greco
painters copies shop
cats paintings

Paintings Plants

Paintings Paisajes aa....Paisajes..Italia..&..Alpes

Paintings Medieval

paintings portrait
cats paintings
cats paintings

Paintings Klee


Paintings Canvas & Photos by Zeppelin

paintings still life

Quality Museum


Since 100X75 1211€
Include 16 photos 18X13
3 photos 27X20

Other sizes consult

Paintings Movie Art Heist Paintings Art Heist William Baldwin Suppliers of Replica's El Greco for film Art Heist
artheist_03.jpg artheist_01.jpg
Scenes from film Art Heist

Paintings athenea

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