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Paintings Zwei Seerosen
Zwei Seerosen
Paintings Tulpenfeld in Holland, 1872
Tulpenfeld in Holland, 1872
Paintings Sonnenaufgang, 1872
Sonnenaufgang, 1872
Paintings Crpuscule  Venise, 1908
Crpuscule Venise, 1908
Paintings Die Brucke von Argenteuil, 1874
Die Brucke von Argenteuil, 1874
Paintings The Houses of Parliament (Effect of Fog), 1903
The Houses of Parliament 1903
Paintings Sieben rotviolette Seerosen
Sieben rotviolette Seerosen
Paintings Herbststimmung, 1873
Herbststimmung, 1873
Paintings Die Mohnblumen, 1873
Die Mohnblumen, 1873
Paintings Referencia_monet4
Paintings La Japonaise, 1876
La Japonaise, 1876
Paintings Referencia_monet3
Paintings Referencia_monet1
Paintings Die Brucke von Argenteuil, 1874
Die Brucke von Argenteuil, 1874
Paintings Referencia_monet2
Paintings Landscape at Zaandam, 1871
Landscape at Zaandam, 1871
Paintings Garden at Sainte-Adresse, 1867
Garden at Sainte-Adresse, 1867
Paintings The Manneporte (tretat), 1883
The Manneporte (tretat), 1883
Paintings Water Lilies, 1919
Water Lilies, 1919
Paintings Referencia_monet5
Paintings Still Life with Flowers and Fruit
Still Life with Flowers and Fruit

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Claude Monet

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