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The Studios...

All of our canvases are hand-crafted, signed by their painter. Oil paint on canvas… Each canvas is a unique work. We can handle big orders; our current output is from 300 units, to as high as 1,000 monthly units. All of the canvases are sent framed with frame and seal (passe partout). To order, Contact us by phone or e-mail, indicating your Contact information and the reference number of the canvases that interest you.

Arts of Fairies Inc. offers the biggest collection of oil paintings on the market, oil on canvas, either from the best contemporary painters or replicas of historic painters. Both Replicas and Museum Quality Replicas are faithful reproductions of the originals. However, the Museum Quality Replicas represent an elite product, frames that would need an expert to distinguish them from the original. Aging processes and techniques are combined to obtain a canvases of a rare authenticity.


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The client sees the painting he wants in a book, a film, visiting an exhibition. He thinks: " I Want a author's copy, identical to the original one ".

He contacts with Arts of Fairies, Inc.

Study of the work, textures, colors. We realize some sketches, and finally the accomplishment.

Oil on Canvas concluded

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It is prepared for the transport, protective materials, quilted of airs bubbles, finally it is packed in a carton box of great hardness.

The logistic operator, FedEx or Yellow Transportation, Inc., gathers the order in Arts of Fairies, Inc. and leads it directly to the domicile of the client.

The client receives his order, in his domicile. Close to the certificate of genuineness joined with the invoice, it certifies, it is an authentic Arts of Fairies, author's exact copy.

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Important Note...

Arts of Fairies Inc. does not and will never sell canvases created by other means than the painter alone, facing his easel, and using his brushes and paint. Arts of Fairies Inc. does not sell lithographs, plotted canvases, or any other similar products. When someone looks at a work of art, (s)he feels the awakening of his(her) good nature inside and deep emotions.  When someone acquires a canvas, an authentic oil canvas, (s)he cannot be betrayed by artificial, machine-made, industrial art. Arts of Fairies Inc. respects the manufacturers of these products as long as they clearly state the type of product that it is.

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