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Tristan & Isolde.jpg
Tristan & Isolde
The Roses' Day.jpg
The Roses' Day
The Request.jpg
The Request
The Lord of Burleigh, Tennyson.jpg
The Lord of Burleigh, Tennyson
The Keys.jpg
The Keys
The Hostage.jpg
The Hostage
Singing to the Reverend.jpg
Singing to the Reverend
Signing The Register.jpg
Signing The Register
Pelleas and Melisande.jpg
Pelleas and Melisande
My Fair Lady.jpg
My Fair Lady
Lady Godiva.jpg
Lady Godiva
God Speed.jpg
God Speed
Faded Laurels.jpg
Faded Laurels
A little prince likely in time to bless a royal throne.jpg
A little prince likely in time to bless a royal throne
A King and a Beggar Maid.jpg
A King and a Beggar Maid
The Dedication.jpg
The Dedication
The Charity of St. Elizabeth of Hungary.jpg
The Charity of St. Elizabeth of Hungary
The Accolade.jpg
The Accolade
Sweet Solitude.jpg
Sweet Solitude
Lady_in_a_Garden, Leighton_Edmund_Blair_
Duty_1883, Leighton_Edmund_Blair
Stiching the Standard II.jpg
Stiching the Standard II
  Stiching the Standard.jpg
Stiching the Standard

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