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To make an order send an e-mail to, referencing the canvases in which you are interested, including your Contact information.

An invoice will be sent to your e-mail account which can be paid by Visa, Master Card, American Express, and PayPal, from the privacy of your home, on SSL secure servers. Checks, deposits or bank wires are also possible, and On-line payment in our webpage through the shopping cart system, in a matter of a minutes.

On-line Payment
, inside the galleries, on the bottom, next to available sizes, you'll find shopping carts. When you click them an item will be placed in the cart. You will be able to remove items later, before making a payment. The payment process begins once you click on the button that says Check Out and you are asked for your Contact information and your credit card. Don't forget to add shipping costs to your cart. The process is never automatic because of the wide range of discounts, since there is a two-for-one deal in shipping costs. In any case, if you forget you will be able to make your payment and shipment, and the shipping process and preparation of the canvas, if we don't have it in stock, we will start packaging and no delays will be made. You can also give us a call to finish your order.

The Enchantress Wardle

Shipments to everywhere in
Spain , the European Union, and the rest of the world. Rates listed in the following table:

Rates (in euros)

North America: United States, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico

1 unit 65 USD / 50 euros
2 units 65 USD / 50 euros

Between 50 and 100 units - 565 USD / 450 euros
Over 100 - free shipment


1 unit 30 euros / 40 USD
2 units 30 euros/ 40 USD
Over 50 Free Shipment

Rest of the Americas , Asia, Africa and Oceania

1 unit 70 USD / 55 euros
2 units 70 USD / 55 euros

Between 50 and 100 units - 1190 USD / 900 euros
Over 100 - free shipment


FedEx and Yellow Transportation, Inc. services all of Arts of Fairies, Inc.'s shippings . .....FedEx and Yellow like logistic operators .Yellow like Transportation

Arts of Fairies trusts in US Bank for its financial transactions. Copies Paintings


Protection of Information...

The information that you provide us will not be transferred to third parties under any circumstance. All of the information that we receive is subject to the strict regulations of Protection of Information.

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Fairies Replicas of Paintings Suppliers of the film Art Heist.
Fairies Replicas of Paintings Suppliers of the film Art Heist
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