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bcn production/film: Art Heist


A great Exhibition, recreated by Arts of Fairies, Inc. in Mnac Museum...


The film "Art Heist" in the streets of Barcelona.

After the filming of a spectacular car persecution and crash in Las Ramblas this week, which needed to interrupt the late-afternoon traffic in the area , "Art Heist" is already in its third week of filming.

With Manuel Corbi as Executive Producer and Lluís Oliva as Associate Producer, the film's first unit continues its works directed by Bryan Goeres, starring William Baldwin, Ellen Pompeo, Abel Folk, Ed Lauter and Simón Andreu; meanwhile the second unit, directed by Paul G. Volk, continues setting the next action sequences to be filmed in the next days in the streets of Barcelona.

Art Heist is a thrilling film about the robbery of valuable art works exposed in Barcelona, and it will finish in two weeks time, according to the production schedule. A great exhibition, recreated by Arts of Fairies, Inc. in Mnac Museum


Pics from film "Art Heist"

Location: Ramblas

New York Times Antonio L.Barrero, CEO and owner of Arts of Fairies, Inc., and artist, in The NY Times.
Turner Classic Antonio L.Barrero, CEO and owner of Arts of Fairies, Inc., and artist, Turner Classic Movies.
wikipedia Antonio L.Barrero, CEO and owner of Arts of Fairies, Inc., and artist, wikipedia.

Paintings Art Heist Museum Stolen

bcn production/associations & related links: BARCELONA PLATO

A good few of the shootings that take place in our city come from abroad -this year, 50 out of a total of 178. Germany, England, Japan, Russia and the EEUU are some of the most frequent users of Barcelona Plató Film Commission. Festivals and markets are an excellent occasion to know what Barcelona has to offer, since the city's Film Commission is present in most of them.

The appointment next September is in Sant Sebastian, the most international venue in Spain. Barcelona Plató will have its own stand at the festival's Sales Office ready to inform and deal with all the visitors. Cannes is the next stop in October for the biggest market, the MIPCOM, where once again Barcelona Plató Film Commission will be based at the Catalan Films and TV stand. Finally, we'll close the year attending fantastic Sitges 2003 in December.

Paintings Art Heist Museum Stolen  Start

Pics from film "Art Heist"

Location: Mnac Museum Barcelona



Paintings Baldwin Pompeo

7 October 2003 After reviewing all the testimonies and data, Opus Dei declares the concession of miracle is authentic. film Art Heist the great challenge and acomplished completely successful.

Josemaría worked the miracle

The miracle I have been asking Saint Josemaría for has happened. I sell oil-paintings and the business was doing very badly. After praying and asking other people for prayers, I received an order for seven oil-paintings for a film set. Unquestionably, Josemaría worked the miracle. Now I have to ask him for my reputation to spread and my business to get established, so that my dreams of happiness with my fiancee can come true.
Antonio Luis Barrero, Spain
7 October 2003

Original New in Josemaria Escriva Founder of Opus Dei website

Paintings Ellen Pompeo


Paintings Ellen Pompeo

8 August 2003, 14h10 European Press speak of Art Heist

Una exposición de obras de Arte del Renacimiento, recreada con obras de Arts of Fairies, Inc., en el Mnac Museum...

Finaliza en Barcelona el rodaje de 'Art Heist', una película de acción protagonizada por William Baldwin.
Después de cuatro semanas de filmación, hoy finalizó el rodaje de la película 'Art Heist', una producción que fue rodada en Barcelona y las localidades barcelonesas de Begues, Capellades y Sabadell. El filme está protagonizado por William Baldwin, Ellen Pomeo, y el actor catalán, Abel Folk.

En el rodaje de 'Art Heist' intervinieron un equipo de más de 130 personas, sin incluir dobles, especialistas y actores. El Parc Güell, Montjuïc, el Tibidabo, Pedralbes, el Raval y las Ramblas de Barcelona fueron algunos de los escenarios naturales en los que se rodaron secuencias de la película, una historia de intriga y acción que tiene como telón de fondo el robo de unas valiosas pinturas.

La película está dirigida por Bryan Goeres y escrita por Diane Fine, se presentará en febrero de 2004 en el marco del 'American Film Market' y será emitida por TV3, coproductora del filme, ese mismo año.


Ayer, 14 de julio, se inició en Barcelona el rodaje de Art Heist, con William Baldwin y Ellen Pompeo como protagonistas. En el equipo artístico figuran también intérpretes como Abel Folk, Ed Lauter, Alex O'Dogherty, Andrés Herrera, Simón Andreu, Damià Plensa o Diego Martín.

El director de esta producción es Bryan Goeres, estuvo al frente tambien de la película, Face of Terror, rodada también en Barcelona durante el pasado verano. Art Heist, que se realizará en inglés, es una historia ambientada en el mundo del arte, en la que una serie de robos de valiosas pinturas es el punto de partida para una investigación apasionante y llena de acontecimientos inesperados.

El rodaje de Art Heist se desarrollará en diferentes localizaciones barcelonesas a lo largo de las próximas cuatro semanas. En el equipo técnico figuran Jacques Haitkin como director de fotografía y Paul G. Volk como responsable de la segunda unidad. Ambos trabajaron también en la ya citada película Face of Terror.

Paintings William Baldwin


FedEx and Yellow like logistic operators



Arts of Fairies, Inc. selects FedEx and Yellow Transportation, Inc. like logistic operators. Arts of Fairies, Inc. produces works of Art, elite paintings, it needs fast shipments for his clients, and insurances. The clients of Arts of Fairies, Inc. trust the quality of their products, these in addition must happen more through a step, the transport, to arrive as quickly as possible, in 24h, once concluded their production, and in perfect state. By those reasons Arts of Fairies, Inc. has chose FedEx and Yellow Transportation, Inc. for its shipments.

Yellow like Transportation


Fenwick Forklifts






Arts of Fairies, Inc. inaugurates new facilities. Located in Olympic Villa of the Hebron Valley. Privileged location, counts on an outpost communication network and services, at the same time it is in the middle of the nature, next to the Park of the Labyrinth, and the Mountains of Collserola. To 15 minutes of the Airport and fast access to any point of the city and to the main populations of the environs. Olympic Villa of the Hebron Valley, counts on important services for the companies, such as he presses own, legal consultant's office, own monitoring 24h of the day, guards of security and videocams, alarms connected directly with the police. Olympic Villa account in addition with the Alimara Hotel, one of the best hotels of Barcelona, where he will be able to lodge in his trips of businesses.








Arts of Fairies, Inc. approves the design of the future facilities of Arts of Fairies, Inc. The select design is from the company Carmichael & Dame Designs, Inc.. Its construction is predicted for the 2011. It will be destined to offices, exhibition halls and atelier.




Arts of Fairies, Inc. create paintings Your Portrait in Mythical Scene

The concept is simple: You want your portrait in mythical scene, emperor Alexander the Great, or any other person. You request at Arts of Fairies, Inc. and the work start, finaly you have a unique portrait in world.

To create Le Fils d'Artemis, inspired in photo of actor Colin Farrell in Alexander the Great, These elements were used: A photo of President of Arts of Fairies, Inc., Antonio L Barrero, and a photo of the scene with Colin Farrel in the heat of battle, from the film Alexander the Great. The result: A magnificent work, full of action, life, dynamics, realism.



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